Things turned out very differently

August 15th, 2007

The break down at the waterfront seemed to be not good for my internship. I have been freezing cold the whole day, dizzy and my system didn’t like to run again. I got anxious to have Malaria or any other strange virus, so I got myself into the internet cafe and booked a flight for the next morning home.

Here I’m – Home again – I feel much better now, seems to be no strange virus. May have been a combination of food poisoning and home sickness / friend sickness. But still dizzy from time to time. Let’s see, what the blood test is telling, guess it’s just a hypofunction of something.

I’m sad, that I cannot do my internship now. BUT: Looking forward to have now really time for you, my friends!!!

Hear you! See you!


1st week in Cape Town – Internship is starting

August 12th, 2007

My first week in Cape Town had been full with things, that didn’t happen ;o).
Monday should have been my first working day – unfortunately my boss had been sick – so I signed for a month contract at the gym, to be able to run again

Tuesday – my boss still sick – I enjoyed the swimming line in the gym and the bike

Wednesday – this had been a great day – I met my boss and we went to the customer (Cape Town Government) for which I should work the first month – very nice and friendly people – I’m sure, that will be a great time and I will learn a lot, as they use nearly each module of SAP and are a big team

Thursday – Women Day – international holiday – I booked yesterday 2 tours, to be busy this day – the people from the township tour didn’t pick me up, after one hour waiting I have been nearly frozen – went to the Waterfront to the Aquarium until my second tour, the Robben Island Tour should start – Cancelled ;o) – the sea is to ruff – ok, I went back to Long Street into my loved internet cafe and made later a stop at Lola’s, a Restaurant/Cafe at the corner – they saved my day – nice music, nice people and good food

Friday – this morning I did the township tour, I went this time to the tourist office, to meet them there, just to be sure ;o) – the guide had been very aggressive, tour was ok, but not as expected – in the afternoon I just went to the gym again and picked up the USB Stick with some information, that I can study at the weekend for my job on Monday

Saturday – I’m getting very bored and feeling extremely lonely – I decide to go on my own to the Table Mountain, hopefully I find some people, who I can join – unfortunately the weather had been very bad, just meet some people coming down, who all said, that it’s dangerous to go on my own – so I went back, and asked them, if I can join them the next time – is the key … – so I went to the waterfront to the cinema – Reign on me – a very good movie, but sad, which hadn’t been good for my mood – finally Elro, my flatmate took me with him for the evening – that was good, saved my day! – we went to a good Thai Restaurant and later into some Clubs

Sunday – today is my Robben Island Tour – I’m going to Waterfront, to go to the Aquarium upfront – my blood pressure don’t likes me to move any further, I feel dizzy, go to a Mexican Restaurant, eat and have 2 cokes, but it does not help – makes it even worse – now my stomach is also striking – I call Elro to pick me up – the rest of the day I’m just sleeping – it’s not getting better – I have enough and just like to go home, I really need to go home and see a doctor and be not alone

What means to be happy for you?

August 11th, 2007

I have had some conversations about: Beeing rich. Beeing happy. What does this mean for you?

Yippih – Matthias is coming – 1 week holiday in Cape Town area

August 5th, 2007

I had already several night mares, that I will miss my flight to Cape Town, and won’t see Matthias. But finally, the car didn’t get broken, and we came back in time to our base camp at Lidwana Lodge. I started packing and got all my stuff and curios into my bag ;o) … I’m happy to leave. It had been a great time, but also a long time, not to be with Matthias and will be still a long time not to see all my friends. … This last evening we went to a restaurant and had a great „good bye dinner“ with some music (done by a one man show), disrupted by some power breaks ;O). …

The last night had been horrible. 2 of the guys in our dorm did a snore championship :o) … but worse had been the strong stormy wind!!! … I couldn’t sleep the whole night … roofs have been blown away … I thought, that’s it, now I cannot go to Cape Town because of the wind … … at 6 in the morning the wind had been still strong, but not as bad as during the night. …

Time to say good bye to all the friends staying behind ;o( … hope I will see one or the other again!!!

I have been very excited, the wind, my driver came to late, we had to stop at the petrol station to get some fuel, …. But finally everything went fine. We started later, arrived later in Jo’burg, I had to hurry, to get again my luggage, go through the  passport control, go to the South African Airline desk and check in for my flight … I just didn’t Q and so I got my flight. … Cape Town – overcast – the bus took us to the baggage reclaim … and here waited already my Matthias – still the same, great feeling …

Max from studentsgoabroad waited for us and drove in front of us to my new ‚home‘ for the next 2 month. … We packed quickly for our week holidays and left Cape Town to go to Hermanus. Here we stayed for 2 days, had delicious seafood, wine and the great sea! Than we drove to the Bontebok National Park and after that to the wine region, to Franshoek. Here we stayed again 2 days, did a great guided wine tour and on Thursday we drove back to Cape Town.

The last days are gone so fast. Sadly Matthias left Cape Town early this morning ;o(. … My first day alone since a long, long time. I went to the botanical garden, to the planetarium, which had a great show today about the current night sky, walked around, and stopped now for some hours in the internet cafe … thinking on you!!!

Back to the City – Back to communication

August 5th, 2007

I’m looking forward to talk to all of you again!!!

You can call me at: +27 72 892 2754 or cheaper contact me under Skype, my skype name is: peggy.bellmann.

Hear you chat to you!


Workexperience Job in Cape Town

Juli 16th, 2007

Yippih! Finally I got a job for 2 month in Cape Town. I’m really looking forward to this. I will work for Shocked Mokoodi Consulting Enterprise ( in the SAP area. I’m really enjoying to be out in the fields, but also looking forward to work again in my area, to drive solutions and developments forward and to be again in my business.

… but before I start working, I will have one week holidays with Matthias, to which I’m looking forward impatiently ;o) …

Weekend in Swaziland

Juli 12th, 2007

Time is running so fast. It seems, that this is my last free weekend in Swaziland, as I may go for another 2 weeks to the low fields, and than I will go to Cape Town. I’m glad, that David, who is as well an volunteer, from New Orleans, has similar interests as I have, and so we will spent this weekend to do some exciting tours. We planed, to have an relaxed day tomorrow, and go to the can factory and than to Manzini. On Saturday, we will go up early, to climb the Cheaps Head Mountain for the sun rise and in the afternoon we will go paragliding and than go to Malalotja, to stay here for the night, and go for a hike on Sunday and visit the oldes Iron Mine in the world and than the Ngwenjana Glass Factory.

I guess I won’t have internet access till the 5th of August. Take care and hear/read from you! Peggy

p7161321.JPG  p7161320.JPG  p7161348.JPG  p7161343.JPG

In the low fields of Mlawula

Juli 12th, 2007

The last 2 weeks I have been again to Mlawula Game Reserve, where we have our Camp to do research work in this area. The plan had been to check Maraboo Stork nests, do a fire break, check some more cycades sites and redo some signs in the camp here. Unfortunately there have been some troubles with the owner of Hlane National Park, where we have been supposed to check the nests :o(.

So we started with the painting of the signs. During the day the clouds overcasted more and more the sky, and the rain started during our lunch break. So we just played cards the rest of the day. … Due to the rain we also couldn’t do our fire break :o(. So we ended up painting the whole 2 weeks. But it had been a lot of fun, as we have been a great team. I really enjoyed the last 2 weeks.

Also very exciting had been, that Andy, who is actually writing a study about vautures, got a dead wildebeest, which he brought to an open place and where he had a hiding place, to vidiofilm them eating. Unfortunately the vautures didn’t come ;o(


Another 2 Weeks in Ponta D’Oura

Juli 2nd, 2007

Back to Ponta was like coming home. I liked to go back to Ponta to work for one week and have one week off, to do just what I like to do and enjoy the beach. But my flu didn’t like to give me that time. I was fighting the whole first week against the fiever and had been fine on Sunday. So I got just 2 days off :o(. The week in Ponta had been really good. It had been a lot of fun with the other volunteers there. We have been 8 girls, and Bongani, our King of Swaziland ;O). I have been 6 times diving, and now I can really say, that I can dive. The underwater world is so great. I’m really enjoying diving. Yesterday evening we came back to Swaziland, and this afternoon I’m already leaving for the next project into the low fields for 2 weeks.

p6200996.JPG p5290567.JPG p6241013.JPG  p6261017.JPG p5310574.JPG

Weekend in St. Lucia

Juli 2nd, 2007

On the weekend 15-17th of June I went with two nice German girls to St. Lucia. The trip had been full of new experiences and we really had a very good time. It was quite fun to go there by Combi, which is a local Mini Bus. It had been easy to travel up to the South African border, but than we had a problem, because the public transport in South Africa is not as easy as in Swaziland. So we had to hitch hike … But finally we managed everything and arrived in St. Lucia at 2pm. As we liked to do a lot of things in St. Lucia, we went directly to the Tourist Office to book some trips.

On Saturday morning we went on a whale watching tour. It had been amazing. We have seen 3 Southern Hampback Whales. After a while they integrated us (the boat) into their pot and swam the same speed as the boat was going. Than they started to jump … it was so great. The skipper even extended our time.

p6160864.JPG p6160905.JPG

After this tour we did a horse ride at the beach and thru the fields. I haven’t been on a horse for ages, so it was a strange feeling at the beginning. And my horse „Chack“ didn’t really liked to ride. So I have been always behind the other ones.


As we booked these 2 Tours, we got the Crocodile and Hippo Tour for free. I had to hurry to go after the horse riding to this tour, which had been in the Estray. Words can not really describe this. It had been so incredible good. The skipper was also really good, he explained us a lot of things. And I met a nice elder couple from Chicago. They have been so cute.


Finally I went on a Safari Tour the next day. The tour started at 5 in the morning. I waited till quarter to six in the cold windy weather, till they picked me up. The other couple on this tour forget to switch on the alarm clock, so they have been late. The tour had been very good as well, but we have been freezing. I had 3 blankets, but it was extremely windy and so very cold in this open car. We have seen warthogs, Giraffes, … and the most impressive thing had been a hyena which a fresh piece of flesh in her mouth.


But at the end of the day I felt so sick. I started to have fiever, so I just went to bed and slept. The way back was longer than the way to St. Lucia. We arrived in Swaziland at 6 pm, and I still had fiever. A very bad flu.